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May 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
club science technology forum. and exploring visions of the future through science and technology. we also want to remind everyone here that copies of the new bock is in the lobby on sale. they'll be pleased to sign them outside the room immediatelying the program. we appreciate you letting them make the way to the signing substantial. host of np rsh. the meaning of the commonwealth club of california is adjourned. [applause] [applause] [inaudible conversations] naomis called "always on." >> host: american university professor naomi baron. is technology changing the way we communicate? >> guest: yes and no. there's an assumption that technologies and computers, now mobile phones, are changing the way we write to each other, because we're suppose lid using all these abbreviations and acronyms and we're not using all that many there may be handful of these kinds of emoticons used but not nearly as many as the press would lead to us believe. what is changing the ways in which we read, the way we right. our social relationships are changing, and i'm going to suggest our personal individua
Apr 29, 2013 1:00am EDT
pahang of blood it means to read and to right. then there are other changes due to technology. spell check does not do well with homonyms but retains the notion if we care about spelling. with people who used technology and with the study of the instant messaging and that people don't care about randomly use punctuation. to make a statement you don't bother putting it period if it is to sentences as after the first sentence would not after the second but the patterns that we use >> but computer programs are automatically put in the periods you just have to space twice. >> but one of the things that has happened is a change of the notion of what it means with the new computer technology are making s right foot we also have a greater sense of we can be formal and people don't really care if we make mistakes. we don't want to look like fools but. >> because i have been teaching the university's a long time. to keep saying what never. doesn't matter the answer or to people to figure out where to go for lunch and one would say. i don't care. whenever that is the attitude i see developing
Apr 29, 2013 12:30am PDT
expectations. in the technology world, apple beat estimates and announced a share buyback, but also said its growth rate had slowed. netflix blew out expectations and amazon beat as well, although revenue was weak at amazon. a short-lived plunge for stocks tuesday after a fake tweet from the associated press, which said there had been explosions at the white house. all three major indexes plummeted after that tweet came out. but they quickly recovered when it was disclosed that ap's account had actually been hacked. no word yet on what is responsible. >>> a strong week for the markets and key economic news, but how much attention should we pay to the gdp report? joining me now is john ryding. he is chief economist and founder of rdq economics. john, always nice to have you on the program. >> it's good to be here. >> we got the gdp out on friday, the broadest measure of the size of the u.s. economy. it grew at an annualized rate of 2 1/2%, which is below expectations. what does it tell you? >> well, first of all, it tells me the economy continues to expand. and it was below expectations becau
May 4, 2013 1:30pm PDT
>> advancements in communication technology have allowed some students to flee the classroom. >> basically do everything through e-mail. >> e learning let's student study at any time of the day from anywhere. but critics have their concerns. that story on this edition of equal time. >> san jose' university you are watching -- exploring new issues each week giving equal time to competing points of view. >> hello from the campus of san jose' state university welcome to this edition of equal time. i'm your host journalism school director bob rubber. an increasing number of university have designed distance learning programs for working professionals. how do they measure up. we will see the cons and pros of e learn. >> this is what may come to mind when you think of a class. but behind these doors the clam room is revolving. >> video voice text messaging -- there's a lot of ways to interact. it is not productive to look at it as an either or -- or that online is bad or not as good -- it is better than nothing, that's for sure. >> many agree online learning is better than nothing
May 3, 2013 3:00am PDT
safety and walking around the city. we are using our technology to target the resources we have in determining how to invest in our roadways and deploy resources and target our outreach as the chief and mayor eluded to are important to our equation. with those resources i think we can and will achieve the goals we set out to make san francisco the best walking city in the country. i want to thank all the folks behind me and all the folks who worked to get this strategy into place and all the people in the community to make this strategy a reality and realize the goals we set for ourselves. thank you so much and happy walk to workday. >> thank you, so much, ed. and thank you so much to mayor lee, and your leadership. already we have seen 7 people hit and killed by cars. of course that's too many. we are eager to see this plan implemented. the first streets are transformed because every time you first pave a street it's a time to calm traffic and it's time for san francisco to prioritize one of the characteristics to people all over the world that we are a walkable city. we need t
Apr 29, 2013 7:30pm PDT
've seen such technology growth, employment and vitality in this city. we've seen that here through incubation and more importantly at this particular juncture we are attracting companies from silicone valley and the entire world to be a must be location for companies that want to compete globally. it's under the mayor's watch in my view that has seen silicone valley the highest tech nation in the world. so we at kilroy we fully agree and support the mayor's approach and he's creative in incredible effectiveness in leaded the country. he's succeeded in instilling the very highest level of industrial confidence and instrumental in attracting the world leading accommodation like work and he's doing everything to ensure this city is a place to work and live. here at kilroy we worked really hard to make 350 mission an important milestone in its progress. we do that by trying to provide a stimulating place to work and in addition to the landscape and something that is leading edge and sustainability. we are honored to mark it's beginning and particularly happy that mayor ed lee
Apr 30, 2013 8:00pm EDT
>> next authors discuss their books about technology. in her book, always on, naomi brown talks bet the influence of mobile technologies. then douglas rushkoff, and then the book, big data, looks at how information is being used to predict human behavior. >> american university professor anyway ohm -- naomi book is called "always on." >> host: american university professor naomi baron. is technology changing the way we communicate? >> guest: yes and no. there's an assumption that technologies and computers, now mobile phones, are changing the way we write to each other, because we're suppose lid using all these abbreviations and acronyms and we're not using all that many there may be handful of these kinds of emoticons used but not nearly as many as the press would lead to us believe. what is changing the ways in which we read, the way we right. our social relationships are changing, and i'm going to suggest our personal individual psyches are changing as well. >> host: walk me through those. >> guest: let's start with how we read. what's pretty clear is that when you're reading thi
May 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
is digital technology is really, really good at making copies of things. but it's hard to make copies of people. it's hard to make copies of yourself, but meanwhile, here's five or 10 different manifestations, different instances of you operating simultaneously all over the place. there's your facebook account. it's happening right now. mark zuckerberg is advertising with your face t is someone else right now. it's going on. there is your twitter feed going on. there's your webpage, there's your sms right thing. there are all these different instances of you behaving simultaneously. i was trying to log into my google calendar in berlin of all places after i unsuccessfully tried, and google came back to me and said, sorry, we can't let you win. you appear to belong to and from too many places at once. when google no longer believes that i'm a human being, there's too many instances of me for even a to believe i could be human, that's how i know i am in trouble. right? there's a digital sense, a sense in digital time that every moment is like every other moment. that time is somehow gen
Apr 29, 2013 8:15pm EDT
her dad's life. she learned how technology to do that. she created an algorithm um that detects if cancer is benign or malignant. she's 16 years old. \[applause] that is powerful. >> you went into college wanting to be a dance major and you came out as a double computer science math major. >> i kept my minor in dance but yes. >> wt happened and how do we ensure more women understand when they get to college with one vision maybe something else could be more dynamic, particularly in the field? >> it is interesting. for me it started back in elementary and high school, which is why i'm so passionate. i had early teachers that really empowered me to love math and love sciences. they were female teachers. i don't know if that made a dirns or not. for me, at the time, i looked to those mentors as leaders an wanted to be like them. when i went to college i went to a small college sweet briar college. maybe you have heard of it. i went into college thinking i was going to be a dance major and i was a baller reyna and i wanted to dance in a -- ball recent that and i wanted to dance for
May 4, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to be a technology hub going forward and we have never been followers. and have always been leaders. it's a very unique place and a great place to live. i relax by driving through and gatherings and reliving great memorize of being a kid in oakland and then i may end up just parking around little grand lake theatre and drive down and take a look at the paramount and so if there is a play that is happening and so the first thing that i tell people is go to jack land square and you will be surprised that we have a square and so shore line and it is the it could be the giving of great say food and go see things that inspire me about oakland is again it's ability to change. for every think that you would every say negative about oakland, i can say ten positives we are our own city. oakland to know it, is to love it.. >> (applause) all right. so thank you mayor khan and now we have for san francisco coming up and to sso to welcome mayor lee welcome kristine row wish senator vice senior vice president of service area of case zero permanenta. >> thank you peculiary if you have questions write them
Apr 28, 2013 3:30am PDT
a lot of pregnancy and as a result we'd to touch on 3 reports oneor technology. there's are a great many things happening in this district and we'll not been able to get into those reports in detail but we hope you'll ask for those. also the program managers in the audience if you have any concerns please ask for details. >> i'm a partner with bev and we as auditors we have audited the tax fund for the second year now. we actually issue two reports one is an actual financial report of revenues and expenditures in there we issue an opinion on that balance shoot and the related other statement alter that form the parcel tax fund. there again, i don't want to spend a lot of time begin on there but their roughly $34 million. we've spent more than that $34.8 million this year and it leaves us with a balance of $7.7 million. the purpose for us is to perform what we call the agreed upon procedural reports. we make sure that the revenues are being spent as they were deemed for. first of all, i'd like to give an interrogation to my supervisor. nathan is the one who does all the work. as it relat
Apr 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
and commitment in science and new engineering and technology, but also how stanford works with the surrounding community and the next generation of kids. the opportunity for k-12 kids starting with being nursery school is just remarkable that those kids have additional advantage, i think, of being raised in the area irrespective of what their socioeconomic status is of having the exposure to the religion and support of entrepreneurship, and i think most kids who attend stand ford university, young adults, have a desire to do some form of entrepreneurship whether it's their companies themselves or a startup. it dictates that culture. >> host: in your book, "secrets of silicon valley," here's a quote, "in washington," you write" i was in the grateful for the how it win skill that treat me welled today, but i didn't do anything because people in washington, d.c. don't do anything other than pine and deliberate over the latest, often inconsequential, political, and/or policy spin." >> guest: yes. so i have a great love of washington, d.c., it's a wonderful place. i was an observer, and now i've cr
Apr 26, 2013 11:00pm PDT
time, over 6 billiopeople aeady use mobile phones, the spread of internet and mobile technology revolutionizes the way we live but also raises many questions about the future of global power, terrorism and privacy, eric schmidt and jared cohen talk about the impact of the tech revolution in their new book, it is called the new digital age. reassessing the, reshaping the future of nations people and businesses. >> executive chairman and jared cohen the chairman of google ideas at this table, welcome. >> thank you very much, charlie. >> rose: but let me begin of why this book and why this collaboration and how this thing got started. >> you know,, the arrival of the internet has improved every country that it has been in, and no countries that are worse off, and in our collaboration, we concluded this is a really good thing if you care about healthcare and education, global business, the arrival of billions of people have entered this and also concluded there are some warning signs and issues we wanted to talk about and take you through what could happen so we can anticipate those
Apr 30, 2013 11:00pm EDT
american university professor, naomi baron, is technology changing how we is t communicate? >> guest: yes andg no. gueyes tiere is the assumption thatassp technologies of computers andhoe mobile phones way we write to each other, because we're suppose lid using all these abbreviations and acronyms and we're not using all that many there may be handful of these kinds of emoticons used but not nearly as many as the press would lead to us believe. what is changing the ways in which we read, the way we right. our social relationships are changing, and i'm going to suggest our personal individual psyches are changing as well. >> host: walk me through those. >> guest: let's start with how we read. what's pretty clear is that when you're reading things on the screen, you don't do it to -- by screen, i moon whether it's a laptop or ereader or tablet commuter or mobile phone. you don't do it the same way as when you're reading hard copies. that's the subject of my next book. what we know already is that you tend to skim, or worse, you ten to use the find function, zero in on just that word that yo
Apr 28, 2013 7:30am PDT
a company. i started in i-ti a technology company in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show u
Apr 30, 2013 1:00pm PDT
ploration style. > let's do it. >> first, we are going to explore google earth. the motion technology. >> oh! >> you are operating through google earth using the motion of your body. you are not like, you know, typing in, zooming in. >> you don't have to do anything of that. >> oh, i'm superman with my hand. i'm flying over europe. now i'm flying over africa. >> to tell us more about this technology, we have our tech traveler. >> zach. >> hey, zach, thanks for thavling in. >> you are welcome. >> they have teamed up? >> they have. the technology can sense what you want to do. it's intuitive. you sync it up with someone's face. i can go like and fly. they can turn left or turn right. can i do that? >> maybe if you are a developer. right now, the wii motion isn't available for all consumers but they have 12,000 development kits out right now. the technology is awesome but it's neat they are pairing with a company as big as google. the technology is not out yet but how important it could change the technological warorl. >> you have something else for us as well? >> this is a cool robot. less tha
Apr 28, 2013 9:00pm PDT
advisory committee. at jab on we are big supporters and sf technology work force. to give you examples, last summer we are we have hired an intern through the job program and converted to full time employee and he's still with us and he works in our facility and product team. we plan to continue to do that whenever it's possible. going back, i think if we can find people with the right skills, it doesn't really matter where they come or who they are, if they have the right skills we higher them. full time employees is a good example of that. andrew mentioned he had the opportunity to attend the tech sf program in the fall and was really glad to see the programs available to the student. he invited a diverse mix of corporates and partners to learn more about techsf and how they can get involved. the round table was a huge success and jab on and our peers are proud to announce that we are prepared to go forward. this group will provide and review the process and techsf and it's working groups. we will continue to serve as a role of an oversight body to the work force development for the
Apr 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
there. we are looking at technology very broadly. we are going to bay cat studio client such as bank and health organizations and other government agencies because everybody is looking for people to create video and web content. that's one market we are looking into. i will be happy to answer any questions. >> i don't see any questions right now. >> all right. i would like to have jay from europe come up. >> good afternoon member of the committee. there is a couple comments i would like to make about your opening remarks about jobs about that require experience with less than four years degree. are the trainings here towards job and the coalition you see behind me is there is a direct channel from corporate partners into training providers and educational partners and they are being directly trained for the positions which is a phenomenal piece of the puzzle here. what i want to reiterate is the comment that carol made and what whe think of technologies are technology companies. they said to me do you understand that we higher more than google does. the find point i would make and i
Apr 28, 2013 7:30pm EDT
names in technology to dinner. you've got a seat at the table. >> these entrepreneurs, they weren't around just a few years ago. they're young, and they're creating billions of dollars of value in our economy. >> as we take a break, take a look at how the stock market ended the week. back in a moment. no matter what, people can count on me to get the job done. so, when my prostate cancer returned, my doctor told me that this time can be different with provenge, a personalized treatment that lets me count on my own body to fight back. provenge is clinically proven to help extend life in certain men with advanced prostate cancer by taking your own blood cells and reprogramming them to jump-start your immune system, so it can attack your prostate cancer. provenge can cause serious reactions including those resulting from the infusion, and stroke. severe but infrequent infusion reactions include chills, fever, fatigue, weakness, breathing difficulties like shortness of breath, decreased oxygen and wheezing, dizziness, headache, high blood pressure, muscle ache, nausea, and vomiting. t
Apr 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
of these moments, thanks to digital technology, there's a since of infinment choice. the tweeter feed and sms and facebook updates and this and that. this sense of constantly being pinged by all of these different things. the irony when we are trying to keep up with the digital manifestation of the moment, we lose track of the moment that we're in. you know, not to get too zen buddhist on you. we are actually here now, and, you know, we're so busy trying to keep up the device and these things and all the pings. the pings are trying to keep up with us. so "present shock" in the simplest is the lawsuit l effort -- lawsuit l effort to keep up with time and we lose track of timing of the real timing we're in. it's sort of the difference between what the greeks would call kronos time of the clock and and the times. what is the best time tell dad you crashed the car? it's nothing do with time. it's timing. after you had the beer, before he opened the bills. right. and that's the kind of time that humans are in if we're alive and aware of what is going on around us. so, you know, as i look at the so
Apr 28, 2013 4:00am PDT
's a a lot of the information. and i want to talk about the technology piece. people may not realize it but there a c change in terms of item we were so antiquated so far behind but i want to acknowledge carlos garcia he really made a effort to protection and it's been a good benefit. i used the help desk just today and their response is immediate. >> thank you. any other questions or comments for board members? i actually just wanted to call out the par professional and teachers which i had not heard about i'm really, really excited about that. and i just wanted to know at what level are we funding this effort? it this from your teeny office can we break this out or is that hard to do? >> hello. so i i think it's a part of a large plan and our hope is that next year we'll be able to double. and talking about scale this is a cross collaborative effort so working with the math department we knew there was going to be a lot to work out and be very clear about the alignment across the departments. so in making sure that our design level were consistent. we also implemented a standard
Apr 30, 2013 3:00pm EDT
the cyclicals, information, technology, the industrials, because we see more upside. it's going to be a grind, but we're going to stay in the market here. >> rick santelli, what's the scoop on the floor about apple? this big deal, everyone's talking about a big success. are you hearing lots of commentary down there in chicago? >> it's been the topic on the trading floor, for a variety of reasons. first of all, many down here don't ask a question, would you rather buy stock or would you rather buy apple securities. the question down here is, why are institutions in the fixed income business so enamored with this deal, as bob's saying, $50 billion against $17, a bid to cover 3 to 1 for diversification and a general shortage of high-quality collateral. so there's no surprise, and, you know, they're calling it anywhere from 65 to 75 over ten-year, 90 to 100 over 30-year. people are saying, why would anybody buy securities with those paltry yields. those are a lot juicier than treasuries and it's a great name. >> yeah, joe, the bond that apple issued yields 2.4%. the stock of apple yields 2.8%. wh
May 1, 2013 3:00pm EDT
by the laggards in this market right now, wouldn't you? >> i would. if you look at technology, that's a growth sector and the market seems to be discounting those growth sectors. if you look at the percent of gdp spend in technology, it hasn't changed, so the shares remain the same. and, you know, in slower growth economies, people just feel more secure in a more stable-stereotype companies. but if you look at the growth potential longer term, it's still there for technology and it's being noer eignored by the of the market. i would rather focus on what other people haven't, and technology is one of those areas for us. >> very interesting. so eeyore cox, what did you make of the fed announcement -- >> eeyore? >> you know what i mean. they're in this for the long haul, aren't they? >> they sure are. and i guess to address zack's concern, i never would have guessed the stock market, it makes my 401k look good. if you want to talk about somebody who's not going to be happy, investors maybe going to be happy that people who don't have jobs aren't going to be very happy. we're seeing that in earnin
May 4, 2013 1:30pm PDT
with other technology companies with the scientific community and art culture is critical. >> i think the biggest reason is that there is a support culture a lot of people going through the same thing are here and it's a challenge but there is people who are in that challenge with you >>> >>> in this case coming out of -- ([inaudible/incomprehensible] (music is very loud) . >> telling people from anywhere that you can live out your dreams here you can go forward and you won't be alone. there are other people who will join force with you >>> well if you have an interest in technology you are going to find more kindred spirit in the san francisco area than you will find anywhere else. you are also going to find an interesting opportunities in the most interesting innovative companies, on the earth. >> the talent that i can attract is the #1 determinant of whether we are success of or not and how successful we become and if i could attract the bets and brightest, then i would be at a competitive disadvantage. >> all the thing you you need for a great company are in san francis
Apr 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
are right behind me. to some of the leading technology companies in the valley. we have companies that raise anywhere from a thousand dollars to $25 million that have sort of been housed with us. some of the coolest things that have happened at the hatchery two people sitting next to each other working on the same app for six months decided to merge and raise a million dollars for their company. so, collaborative consumption is something we truly believe in and having spent a couple of years working with the likes of jane, brian, tina lee and a bunch of other people who have been sort of working on this open data problem, it's been sort of exciting to sort of see it come to fruition today and see sort of the progress that they've made. so, for me this is sort of -- it's been fun to sort of watch this team of people come together and do what they do and make san francisco a 21st century city. so, you know, it's an honor to welcome the mayor back to the hatchery, the new hatchery. we invite you, supervisor chiu, to our monthly infamous happy hours where bourbon and branch caters to meet with o
Apr 27, 2013 4:30am PDT
. >>> could a bomb-sniffing dog presented the boston marathon attacks or could a machine? new technology is pitting highly trained k-9s against man-made detecters. >> technology is coming that experts hope will keep everybody safe. from the boston marathon to u.s. troops on patrol in afghanistan, in the life and death challenge to detect bombs. it's a debate over dog versus machine in the search for the best solutions. oak ridge national laboratory is focusing on technology. this bunch of boxes and computer screens is actually a prototype for detecting explosives. >> so what the sensor does is combine an infarad detector. >> simply put, a target shoots out and advanced computers analyze the colors and within seconds detect explosives. this has two critical advantages. the laser finds small amount of explosives nearly a football field away and it can be put on a truck, moving and scanning a crowd like the marathon. >> and you need a device to look at a large area, and so it's a difficult question to answer, but i would say the technology could do it. >> scientists say a dog's nose is the
May 1, 2013 7:30am EDT
and digital technology is jenin what they call predictive modeling. so these big data analysis to figure out john is 12 but we can tell from his statistical profile that he will be day by the time he is 14, right? mary is 36 and we can tell from the way she is tweeting and whatever that she's probably going to be given with infertility issues. so they can then send you the ads and things that can help you manifest the person that you're most likely to be. that's not storytelling. that's life creation. that's turning people into programs rather than letting people be the unpredictable quirky weird thing that they are. i do think that the context that you can get in digital spaces, but that context is much more like beavis & butthead or the simpsons or south park or mystery science theater. it's more of a kind of madison's ability that you see frames within frames within frames. you see the media and more of a fractal sense than you do in a linear sense. so the way we make sense of things is by recognizing like when you watch the senseless, once they hit on the simpson? is it that homer saves
May 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
facebook using photo technology to try to nab the boston bombers. why it didn't work. >> in sacramento california families are upset over state law that limits medical claims to $250,000. they're taking matters into their hands to change oorngs let's update breaking news this, is a wildfire burning in camma rio. winds fanned this thing very, very quickly. it's burned 6500 acres. flames have destroyed several's buildings and mobile homes. you can see it's in an area where houses. so they're concerned about it greatly. >> an east bay father who lost his two children to a drugged out driver is taking a new approach to stopping prescription drug abuse. bob pack leading the charge aimed at medical providers creating a data base of dangerous drug prescribers and get rid of a money limit on claims. >> a jury convicted the driver who killed two bay area children because she was under the influence of prescription medication she'd goten from several different doctors. the kids father bob pack sued for medical malpractice with a maximum he can get under medical injury compensation reform act is
Apr 30, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. what do we do with the extra 340 people and the extra budget on technology? we try to start to look over the swaps market. we finished rules, but now we need people to deal withhe75rep. we need to be able to look over the exchanges and clearinghouses and actually examine for compliance with these new common sense rules. >> all right. let me ask you about one of them, and that is you've got about 80% done, is that right? >> you can scorecard it, but 80, 85% done. >> 80-85% done. what is on your to do list still that hasn't yet been done? there are a lot of issues out there where you've got a lot of people still lobbying, some of your former colleagues on wall street saying, gary gensler, listen, you've got to make modifications here. >> there's two large, important areas. pretrade transparency, making sure buyers and sellers of the products come together and compete in a marketplace. congress adopted something called swap execution facilities. made-up words by congress, but important words, and they gave us a direction that they should be where mipleparties transact with multiple par
May 2, 2013 5:00pm EDT
private. there's something about technology. there's an intimate sei to it that makes you forget it's a public public domain. you mistake for a private conversation with a friend. as for the e-mail she sent, almost ten years ago, she said this. there was a difficult -- i don't regret it. you try to have impact. grow try to get people to see things in a different way. by my e-mail succeeded in doing that. thank you very much. [applause] i'll be happy to discuss this. i would like to ask the first question. >> okay. >> [laughter] [inaudible] do you want to explain what happened? >> no. i would rather not. can you? >> as i recall, she sent out a tweet or facebook post. >> tweet. >> memorializing someone. >> a leader who died. she thought he was a -- she had expressed some regret over his death. [inaudible conversations] >> right. and she was fired? right? >> that's what has been reported. >> okay. i'm glad this is all on tv. [laughter] >> are you asking how i feel about that? >> yeah. >> well, i think that's another example i could have brought in to this. you know, i wasn't part of th
May 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
a thorough evaluation. david goldstein: nobody can be the master of all those technologies. you can learn them, but you can't be the masters of them. at least get the patient the best care. so integrity is a really important issue, and the integrity of our payers-- of our insurance companies-- needs to be held up there. - you all right? - okay, fine. - see you later. - great. we have a trauma center here. the trauma surgeon, he will have a patient with a gunshot wound to the head and neck. he'll have a patient with a motor vehicle accident where they have abdominal, chest injuries, facial injuries, and he'll say, "i need the thoracic surgeon, i'll need the orthopedist, i need the otolaryngologist, i need the facial plastic surgeon." which is what i do, and i get called in. and i will coordinate with the other doctors. i said, "okay, who's going to the operating room first? can we do this at the same time? what can be staged, what needs to be done?" and it works as a team, and it can work extremely well. developing a productive relationship with your primary care physician is not automatic
May 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
their nuclear and ballistic technologies. the report says the north koreans have deployed missiles capable of hitting targets throughout south korea, japan, and the pacific region. it says those advances are in line with pyongyang's objective of being able to strike the u.s. mainland. it also refers to north korea's three nuclear tests and says they could conduct another test at any time. it also warns of possible chemocam weapons attacks. analysts say north korea likely has a longstanding and wide ranking chemical weapons program. they say authorities could possibly use chemical weapons agents by modifying ammunitions. >>> security analysts say north korean forces remain poised to launch at least one of their ballistic missiles. chinese leaders, in the past, have encouraged them to stop their provocations. it may not happen this time around. lim sung-nam is a keep leader. he meat with his chinese counterpart. >> translator: i think there is little possibility that china will send an envoy to china any time soon. >> lim talked a about a facility underscoring the change in the korean penins
May 3, 2013 5:30pm PDT
for a deal that will see japan supply nuclear technology to turkey. japanese businesses will be given priority in negotiations to build a nuclear plant for turkey near the black say. >> translator: japan has obligation does share with the world, the lessons learned from the severe accident at fukushima daiichi and to contribute to enhancing the safety of nuclear energy. >> prime minister abe reached a new agreement earlier this week with the united arab emirates following a visit to saudi arabia. he says his tour succeeded. he knows they now cover a wide range of issues, including economic issues, security and culture. the potential of the middle east region is indispensable for japan's growth. >>> one of the last remaining symbols in north korea has been shot down. the workers have left the kaesong complex in north korea. the workers that stayed behind so they could negotiate wages the north demanded, they returned home on friday after $13 million in cash was brought in across the border. last month, 53,000 north korea workers left the complex as tensions between the two countries re
May 2, 2013 4:30am PDT
-order monitor overseeing the police department is calling for major technology and equipment upgrades including tasers for every for. according to the oakland tribune compliance director says that technology issues have hindered the police department's ability to meet mandated reform. he wants the city to spend $2 million on new training and technology that includes purchase 200 new tasers for officers to limit lethal force, and they want to repair nonworking computers in patrol cars and hiring a technology consultant to review the new systems. >> the warriors get another shot at closing the series against the nuggets on their home turf. denver extended the series on tuesday bringing it back to the arena by beating the warriors who still lead the series 3-2. tip-off is at 7:30, which is game 6. 19,000 fans will be there. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report from inside the arena with a preview of the action. >> how about the sharks have stolen home ice from vancouver in opening game. sharks trailed the canuck halfway through the second period and then there was a power play goal
Apr 27, 2013 9:30am PDT
of the department of the technology. but >> - >> no comment. >> i think this is the best course of action. they really do have all the documents their subject to redaction and all the filings there's a lot we have relatively at low-cost. i'm very supportive of this. thank you. did i mention steve is doing a great job? >> is there a motion? >> so moved. >> the decision is that we determine that this is the most effective way of filing electronic filing system that meets the needs of the commissioner. that's my motion and i approve that >> i second. >> all in favor? >> i should state that the department of technology cooperates with us and is very helpful. >> now next up agenda is to consider the minutes of the commissions special meeting on april 1st the minutes of that meeting. comments on those amendments? any correction? changes? >> approved. public comment; right? >> i found no errors the record will show that it was too early in the morning. >> he watches the reruns and a motion to approve? >> second. >> all in favor? okay moving right along >> there's two highlights in t
Apr 28, 2013 7:30pm PDT
them from easily getting into labor market so when we saw the grant for technology it seemed the try the structure to get this set up. this is the first time i get called for a hearing and i'm glad about that to give i -- you a baseline for that. i want to provide an overview and as supervisor cohen said, all of our programs are done on a team approach. at a high level the vision of techsf to ensure the residents and county of san francisco get an opportunity to participate in the tech sector. and the training we provide is relevant. >> i want to stop for a second. do you have copies of the printout? we don't have any here. does everybody have a copy of the powerpoint? >> so the initiative brings together the industry, employers, educators, the community based organizations as well as the city to provide a consortium to address this technology. the other idea behind this is that we'll be able to use the federal dollars as seed money and at the end of this we'll have a system that is established and we are able to leverage funding to keep it going. so our focus has been on targeting
May 1, 2013 4:30pm PDT
, with water that are not always proven technologies, but they're things that are enough proven you should take a bit of a risk and you should show others it can be done. >> we're showing the world, suddenly had wind turbines which they didn't have before. so, our team realizing that time would change, and realizing where the opportunities were today, we said, you know what, we started out as really something to control wind as an asset, when you combine today's technology becomes something entirely different. >> wind turbines in an urban environment is a relatively new concept. there are a few buildings in other major cities where they have installed wind turbines on the roof. and wind turbines in buildings are effective. >> the discussion was do we do that or not? and the answer was, of course. if they're not perfect yet, they're building a building that will last 100 years. in 100 years someone is going to perfect wind efficient turbines. if these aren't right, we'll replace them. we have time to do that. >> the building that's two renewable energy generations. wind turbines located on the n
FOX Business
Apr 30, 2013 3:00pm EDT
, in disiewrk -- zurich where there's a lot of traffic. >> technology will set us free. right now, we're working on vehicle-to-vehicle technology, cars to talk to other cars. liz: like what? "get out of my way"? >> exactly. if your car is five miles ahead, you're in a traffic jam, it alerts the other cars around, and my car says do i want to reroute based on this information? >> oh, i see. >> there's vehicle infrastructure, all censors create data most not put in a usable form, but what if you come home at midnight, and there's no one on the road, why stop at a red light? that should be talking to your car, sensing no other traffic, going to green saving you time and fuel, and so parking, 30% of all fuel burned in city centers today is berned looking for a parking spot. what if your car, when you leave your home in the suburb, and it knows exactly where you are going, preselects a parking spot for you, reserves it, and you drive right there. liz: that, in theory, sounds great, and i love it, but you get there, and people mark out -- they have been doing that for a long time. >> it's not perfect
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